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28 February 2010 @ 12:32 am
John Legend - Play, Los Exitos Internacionales Del Ano (2CD)  
Artist: John Legend
Album: Play, Los Exitos Internacionales Del Ano (2CD)
John Legend Play, Los Exitos Internacionales Del Ano (2CD)
Tracklist :
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Next WWE Legends game?

Legends of WWE
(Classic Summerslam, Royal Rumble, Survivor Series Venues. First 20 Wrestlemanias, In Your House, RAW, Smackdown, and Classic WWE Superstars)
Game Modes:
1.Road to Wrestlemania
Game Plays:
Tag Team
Iron Man Match
Hell in the Cell
Steel Cage
Battle Royal
Royal Rumble

1. Stone Cold
2. Rock
3. Andre the Giant
4. Big John Studd
5. Ultimate Warrior
6. Randy Savage
7. Lex Luger
8. Yokozuna
9. Bret Hart
10. Mr. Perfect
11. Hawk
12. Animal
13. Iron Sheik
14. Nikolai Volkoff
15. Arn Anderson
16. Tully Blanchard
17. Haku
18. Barbarian
19. Warlord
20. Jimmy Snuka
21. Roddy Piper
22. Mountie
23. HBK
24. Hunter
25. British Bulldog
26. Big Boss Man
27 Bam Bam Bigelow
28. King Kong Bundy
29. One Man Gang
30. Texas Tornado
31. Ricky Steamboat
32. Big Van Vader
33.Marty Jannetty
34. Earthquake
35. Jake Roberts
36. Eddie Guerrero
37. RVD
38. Kamala
39. Ax
40. Smash
41. Crush
42. Hacksaw
43. Sgt. Slaughter
44. Ted DiBiase Sr.
45. Dusty Rhodes
46. IRS
47. Undertaker
48. Paul Bearer
49. Bobby Heenan
50. Mr. Fuji
51. Jerry Lawler
52. Bob Orton Jr.
53. Paul Orndoff
54. Rick Rude
55. Greg Valentine
56. Tito Santana
57. Rick Martel
58. JYD
59. Koko B. Ware
60. Jimmy Hart
61. DDP
62. Honky Tonk Man
63. Doink

PS. The above roster is suggestions. Please let me know your opinions. I could have also added in Typhoon (Tugboat) and Dino Bravo, but even in a good game, some are left out. I did leave out the Nasty Boys, Mankind, Hulk Hogan, 123 Kid, Diesel, Val Venis (not sure if I would have added him in there, but I still would have left him out), and Razor Ramon for obvious reasons.

5 Titles: WWE Heavyweight Championship, WWE IC Championship, European Championship, Hardcore Championship, and Tag Team Champions.

Default Champions:
WWE Champions: Stone Cold
WWE IC Champion: Honky Tonk Man
WWE European Champion: British Bulldog
WWE Hardcore Champion: RVD
WWE Tag Team Champions: LOD

Controls in this game would be like playing SvR games and there would be a way to import the the wrestlers from the recent SvR game into the Legends of WWE games. Just my 2 cents on somethings that could/should be in the next Legends of WWE game. The Wrestlemania (and just be called WWE) part needs to drop with more venues. One more thing. SvR 2010 controls could be copied to the next WWE Legends game. Again though, please feel free to share your thoughts. Thank you!