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20 June 2011 @ 03:39 am
DJ Power - Amoroso's Invasion (Mixed And Selected By Fabio Amoroso) (2 CD)  
Artist: DJ Power
Album: Amoroso's Invasion (Mixed And Selected By Fabio Amoroso) (2 CD)
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<span style="font-weight: bold;font-size:180%;" ></span> <span style="font-size:130%;"></span><blockquote> <span style="font-size:130%;"> Artist: DJ Power<br>Album: Amoroso's Invasion (Mixed And Selected By Fabio Amoroso) (2 CD)<br></span></blockquote> <a href='http://getmp3here.com/release.php?ms_releaseid=54788'><img src='http://www.mp3sale.ru/imag/200x200/54788.jpg' alt='DJ Power Amoroso's Invasion (Mixed And Selected By Fabio Amoroso) (2 CD)'/></a><br/><span style="font-size:130%;"><span style="font-weight: bold;">Tracklist :
</span></span><ul><li>love theme from the godfather</li></ul><div style="text-align: center;"><span style="font-size:180%;"><a href='http://getmp3here.com/release.php?ms_releaseid=54788'><span style="font-weight: bold;">Download DJ Power - Amoroso's Invasion (Mixed And Selected By Fabio Amoroso) (2 CD)</span></a></span></div><span class="hlr1"><br/></span><p><p><b> Electrical or Mechanical Engineering?</b></p></p><p><p>Hello,

I am almost finished my freshman semester and I am running out of time to decide my major. I defintley know I was put on this earth to be an engineer because I feel I have a knack for problem solving and love learning about how things work, My problem is, I have no clue which engineering I will specialize in.

I am completley torn between electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. The only thing that could be an advatntage in making a decision is that generally electrical engineers make more money. I have absolutely NO concern about pay, I am doing this because I have the passion for it.

I love anything mechanical ( I especially like automobiles, trucks, clocks and amusement rides) I love the idea of working with gears, or heat transfer analysis. I also like aerodynamics and airplanes, which I hear aeronautical engineering is a subfield of mechanical. I also like heavy machinary. I usually pass time by reading how such things work.

I also like electrical devices as well. I am amazed at the fact that a household toaster is just a simple circuit wired to an electromagnet. I also like large complicated circuit boards and wish to understand how they are built and how each component interacts with every other one. I also like the idea of signal processing, such as building a DJ mixer or power amplifyer. However, the one field of electrical engineering that I do not have interest in is telecommunications. I also HATE computer programming with a passion. I heard that electrical engineering entails some of that.

I initially chose mechanical engineering as my main choice, but then I began to look at electrical devices again and became reinteresed in electrical work. I almost declared electrical engineering as my main choice of study, but I heard that there is some programming involved and I backed away real fast. I am now stuck between a rock and a hard place. One day I believe I should be designing mechanical systems, and next thing I know, I look at the back of my plasma screen tv and see all of the circuitry and want to do that!

My main problem with declaring electrical engineering is I don't want to program. I will do it to get through school and suck it up if I have to, but I do not want a career based off of programming. I would rather design circuits and not have to deal with telecommunications either.

I have talked to engineers, and I have heard that mechanical is very broad. Someone told me that with the energy crisis, electrical engineers are in high demand and mechanical is dwindling. I AM concerned about job security, but not about a huge salary as I stated earlier.

That being said I am leaning toward mechanical right now, because I love everything about mechanical. I can't say anything about electrical until I know if programming is done and if waves and telecommunications are big parts of the job, (maybe an electrical engineer can tell me what exactly his or her job entails).

I really really really wish I could do both. If I could I would double major, but I heard employers aren't too happy about an employee with degrees in two things because it can show indecisiveness or mediocracy in both. Would a bachelors in one and a masters in another help? I really need some guidance. </p></p>